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powershell or command prompt

Use cmd for programming based purposes and powershell for system based purposes.
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c# powershell commandlet

using System.Management.Automation;  // Windows PowerShell assembly.

namespace SendGreeting
  // Declare the class as a cmdlet and specify the
  // appropriate verb and noun for the cmdlet name.
  [Cmdlet(VerbsCommunications.Send, "Greeting")]
  public class SendGreetingCommand : Cmdlet
    // Declare the parameters for the cmdlet.
    public string Name
      get { return name; }
      set { name = value; }
    private string name;

    // Override the ProcessRecord method to process
    // the supplied user name and write out a
    // greeting to the user by calling the WriteObject
    // method.
    protected override void ProcessRecord()
      WriteObject("Hello " + name + "!");
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powershell command

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scirpt powershell

what are u doing here!
go back to coding!
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