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scp send file

scp ./file.txt remote_username@remote_ip:/remote/directory
Posted by: Guest on March-03-2020

scp folder from server to local

scp -r [email protected]:/path/to/foo /home/user/Desktop/
Posted by: Guest on March-07-2020

scp file

scp [source file] [destination]
scp file.txt user@ip:/Desktop/

For directories, add the -r tag
scp -r [source dir] [destination]
scp -r dir/ user@ip:/Desktop/
Posted by: Guest on May-02-2021

scp send file to remote

dragonmnl@local $ scp -P 2222 file.ext username@domain:~/
Posted by: Guest on August-30-2020

scp file transfer

scp files
Posted by: Guest on February-19-2020

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