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pip install from requirements.txt

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
Posted by: Guest on May-10-2020

install all python project dependencies using pip

# 1. List of project packages and/or their versions should be saved in a file 
#with name `requirements.txt`. If different use your file name in the command.
# 2. The file should be located in the file directory in which you are writing 
#the command.
pip install -r requirements.txt

#Please note:
#Pip holds dependencies in 
requirements.txt #and those can be installed with 
pip install -r requirements.txt

#Pipenv(pip environments) holds dependencies in the 
Pipfile #and can be installed with 
pipenv install #in the same directory as the Pipfile. 

#Conda projects typically hold dependencies in 
environment.yml #and they are usually installed into a new environment with 
conda env create -f environment.yml
#You can also manually download dependencies by opening Anaconda Navigator
#(anaconda's GUI), go to Environment, create environment, and manually select
#parkages and their versions and download. You can watch th video in the link
#below to manually create environments and install parkages.
Posted by: Guest on August-24-2021

install requirements.txt in pip command

note: yor should be on the same dir as requirements.txt file 

pip install -r requirements.txt
Posted by: Guest on May-19-2020

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