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how to check folder size in linux

# show all folder size in the current directory
du -h --max-depth=1
Posted by: Guest on January-18-2021

shell get size of directory

du -h your_directory
# gives you the size of your target directory.
du -hcs your_directory
# If you want a brief output.
Posted by: Guest on March-26-2020

find folder size in linux

df -sh .
Posted by: Guest on February-20-2021

show directory size linux

du -sh /home/george
2.1G    /home/george
Posted by: Guest on March-05-2020

command to check size of folder in linux

du -lh --max-depth=1 --block-size=M | sort -nr
Posted by: Guest on September-30-2020

how to get the folder size in linux

du -sh folder/
Posted by: Guest on June-01-2021

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