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git discard local changes

# Discarding local changes (permanently) to a file:
git checkout -- <file>

# Discard all local changes to all files permanently:
git reset --hard
Posted by: Guest on May-07-2020

remove local changes git

git fetch  # will fetch the latest changes on the remote
git reset --hard origin/master # will set your local branch to match the representation of the remote just pulled down.
Posted by: Guest on February-08-2021

how to remove file changes in git

git clean -df
git checkout -- .
Posted by: Guest on May-23-2020

git reset one file

git checkout HEAD -- my-file.txt
Posted by: Guest on April-28-2020

undo unstaged changes git

git checkout -- .
Posted by: Guest on May-01-2020

git discard staged changes

git reset HEAD
git checkout .
Posted by: Guest on June-02-2020

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