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linux bash export vars between shell instances

export_global_var () {

test -f $filename || touch $filename

    flock 0 #prevents isssues with multi thread process

    #set -x  #enables verbose/debug

    . /tmp/env
    [ $# -eq 0 ] || export "[email protected]"

    echo "[email protected]"
    #echo "[email protected]" >> /tmp/env  #export into file

   KEY=`echo "[email protected]" | awk '{split($0,a,"="); print a[1]}'`
   #sed '/"$KEY"/c > "[email protected]"' $filename
   VAR_IN_FILE=`cat $filename | grep "$KEY"`
   (grep -q "$KEY" $filename || echo "[email protected]" >> $filename) && grep -rl "$KEY" $filename | xargs sed -i "s/$VAR_IN_FILE/[email protected]/g"

  } < $filename

  source $filename #import into mem

import_global_var () {

 echo "importing global variables..."
 source $filename #import into mem

export_global_var DEPLOY_BOOLEAN=0  EXEC=1 #export var gobally
import_global_var #import vars from global vars
Posted by: Guest on March-28-2021

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