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git push command line

1. git init

2. git add .

3. git status

4. git commit -m 'your message'

5. git remote add origin 'your_url_name' 

6. git push -u origin master //then login w/ your creds
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revert to master origin branch git

git checkout mybranch
git reset --hard origin/mybranch
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git push origin master --force

git push origin --force
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push code to github command line

git add .
git commit -m "message for the commit"
git remote add origin https://url-of-github-repo
git push origin master
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git push to branch

# If its your first push
git push -u origin BRANCH

# Otherwise
git push origin BRANCH
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git push origin master

#Just follow next steps in console terminal ;)
git init	#Initialize git in folder
git add .	#add all files of folder to be pushed
git commit -m "First commit"	#add first commit
git remote add origin remote_repository_URL #replace with your remote repo url
git remote -v	#verify that your remote repository url is properly found
git push --force origin master	#force pushing your project into github repo
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