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git sync branch with master

git checkout master
git pull
git checkout mybranch
git merge master

# to keep mybranch in sync with master

# then when you're ready to put mobiledevicesupport into master, first merge in master like above, then ...

git checkout master
git merge mybranch
git push origin master
Posted by: Guest on June-11-2020

git sync branches

git fetch origin
git reset --hard origin/master
git clean -f -d

#If you want to retain the changes as unstaged files, use --soft instead of --hard.
#WARNING: All your untracked files will be gone when you do git clean -f -d.
Posted by: Guest on July-24-2020

git sync branch from master

git checkout test-branch 	//Checkout the branch you want to update
git merge master			//Merge all code from master to test-branch

// When your are done with test-branch you can merge all code into master branch
git checkout master 		// Make sure you are on master branch
git merge test-branch
Posted by: Guest on November-18-2020

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