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cmd color

# Syntax:
color [[<b>]<f>]

# Parameter:	Description
<b>	          # Specifies the background colour.
<f>	          # Specifies the foreground colour.

# Examples:
# To change the Command Prompt window background colour to gray and the 
# foreground colour to red, type:
color 84

# To change the Command Prompt window foreground colour to light yellow, type:
color e

# Colours:
# The following table lists valid hexadecimal digits that you can use as
# the values for <b> and <f>:
# Value:      Colour:
0	          Black
1		      Blue
2		      Green
3		      Aqua
4		      Red
5		      Purple
6		      Yellow
7		      White
8		      Gray
9		      Light blue
a		      Light green
b		      Light aqua
c		      Light red
d		      Light purple
e		      Light yellow
f		      Bright white

# Remarks:
# • Don't use space characters between <b> and <f>.
# • If you specify only one hexadecimal digit, the corresponding colour is 
#   used as the foreground colour and the background colour is set to the 
#   default colour.
# • To set the default Command Prompt window colour, select the upper-left
#   corner of the Command Prompt window, select Defaults, select the 'Colors'
#   tab, and then select the colours that you want to use for the 'Screen 
#   Text' and 'Screen Background'.
# • If <b> and <f> are the same colour value, the ERRORLEVEL is set to 1, 
#   and no change is made to either the foreground or the background colour.
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cmd colors

0	black
1	blue
2	green
3	cyan
4	red
5	magenta
6	yellow/brown
7	white
8	gray
9	bright blue
A	bright green
B	bright cyan
C	bright red
D	bright magenta
E	bright yellow
F	white
Posted by: Guest on July-17-2021

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