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awk round numbers up

# Basic syntax:
awk 'BEGIN {printf "%.0f\n", $field_to_round}' input_file
# Where:
	- %.0f specifies that the field_to_round will have a precision
#		of 0 digits (i.e. it will be rounded to an integer). 

# Example usage:
awk 'BEGIN {printf "%.0f\n", 3.6}'
--> 4

# Note, if you want to print multiple fields, you have to specify how
# 	each will be formatted. For example, printing three fields:
awk 'BEGIN {printf "%.1f\t%.0f\t%s\n", 2.23, 3.6, 0.2}'
--> 2.2    4    0.2
Posted by: Guest on September-10-2020

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