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firebase deploy command

// Deploy everything
firebase deploy

// Deploy hosting only
firebase deploy --only hosting

// Add a deploy message (similar to a git commit message)
firebase deploy -m "Add message here eg: Adding latest feature"
Posted by: Guest on May-10-2021

firebase deploy

firebase init
firebase deploy
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firebase deploy

///////// FIREBASE DEPLOY USING COMMAND LINE //////////////////

// Goto Terminal and  Login to firebase below command

=> firebase login

=> firebase init

=> select Hosting: Configure and deploy ...  (press space for select) 
// press enter after selecting

=> Use an existing project
// select the project name which you built in firebase

// imp type build 
=> What do you want to use as your public directory? build

// And then Y for single page web App
=> Configure as a single-page app? Yes

-----------------------NOW RUN-----------------------

=> npm run build

=> firebase deploy

!!!!! Congrats you just deploy your app !!!!!
Posted by: Guest on October-09-2020

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