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linux commands and their equivalents

Windows         Linux

cls    		    clear	   			Clear the screen
dir	            ls -l				Directory listing
fc	            diff				Compare contents of files
command /?	    man command			Display the manual/help details of the command
chdir	        pwd					Returns your current directory location
time	        date				Displays the time
cd	            cd					Change the current directory
md          	mkdir				To create a new directory/folder
echo	        echo				To print something on the screen
exit	        exit				To leave the terminal/command window
format	        mke2fs 				To format a drive/partition
free	        free				To display free space
rmdir	        rmdir				To delete a empty directory
taskkill	    kill				To kill a task
tasklist	    ps x				To list running tasks
set var=value	export var=value	To set environment variables
env      		set					To see the environment variables
schtasks        cron				daemon to execute scheduled commands
chdisk	        du -s				For disk usage
tree	        ls -R				To list directory recursively
ifconfig 		ipconfig			See/manage/configure network interfaces

File related:
ren	            mv					Rename a file
copy	        cp					Copying a file
move	        mv					Moving a file
del         	rm					Delete file
edit	        vim					To write in to files
attrib	        chown/chmod			To change file permissions
type	        cat					To print contents of a file
find        	grep				Search for a string in a file
rm       		del					To remove files

Network Administration: 
tracert	        traceroute			To print the route packets trace to network host
nslookup    	nslookup			To query Internet name servers interactively
ping	        ping				To send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts

ver 			uname -a  			To print information about the operating system
systeminfo 		lscpu 				To print information about the hardware of the computer
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