Answers for "how to install unzip in ubuntu"


ubuntu unzip file

// install
sudo apt install zip unzip

// zip
zip -r original_folder

// unzip
unzip -d destination_folder
Posted by: Guest on April-30-2020

unzip command in ubuntu

Zip-unzip utility:
sudo apt-get install zip unzip
navigate to the place where the zip belongs and,
unzip, where is the zip file to extract
Posted by: Guest on February-10-2021

ubuntu unzip zip

unzip -d destination_folder
Posted by: Guest on February-19-2020

linux install zip command

sudo apt install zip
Posted by: Guest on August-05-2020

how to install unzip in ubuntu

apt-get install unzip
Posted by: Guest on May-11-2021

unzip ubuntu

unzip -d unzipped_directory
Posted by: Guest on September-17-2020

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