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add typescript in node

// Follow the below steps and you good to go easily

// create a new folder and open a terminal on that folder and type below commands
	npm init-y

	yarn add -D @types/node typescript ts-node

	npx tsconfig.json                 

// open package.json and add in  scripts
    "start": "ts-node src/index.ts",
//	create new folder src/index.ts ..... open - index.ts
     console.log("Hello TypeScript");

//// And type below cmd for start....
	yarn start
//// DONE!!!!!!!
Posted by: Guest on October-30-2020

install typescript in node project

//Author:Mohammad Arman Khan
//Command to install typeScript in node(express)Project
npm i -D @types/node typescript ts-node
Posted by: Guest on January-23-2021

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