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batch findstr

# EXAMPLE: display the files (within the given folder) that contain the text "+renew"
findstr /n /l "+renew" "C:\Users\LongW\*"

# findstr <options-if-any> "<string-to-find>" "<path(s)-to-search>"
# /b  Matches the text pattern if it is at the beginning of a line.
# /e  Matches the text pattern if it is at the end of a line.
# /l  Processes search strings literally.
# /r  Processes search strings as regular expressions. This is the default setting.
# /s  Searches the current directory and all subdirectories.
# /i  Ignores the case of the characters when searching for the string.
# /x  Prints lines that match exactly.
# /v  Prints only lines that don't contain a match.
# /n  Prints the line number of each line that matches.
# /m  Prints only the file name if a file contains a match.
# /o  Prints character offset before each matching line.
# /p  Skips files with non-printable characters.

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