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git fetch all remote branch

# track all remote branches:
git branch -r | grep -v '\->' | while read remote; do git branch --track "${remote#origin/}" "$remote"; done
# update all local copies of remote branches
git fetch --all
# update all local tracking branches
git pull --all
Posted by: Guest on April-03-2020

branch list in git

git branch -a
Posted by: Guest on May-16-2020

get all the branch in git

git fetch --all
Posted by: Guest on September-18-2020

get all branches from remote

You can fetch all branches from all remotes like this:
git fetch --all
Posted by: Guest on July-08-2020

get all branches git

$ git branch -a. If you require only listing the remote branches from Git Bash then use this command:
$ git branch -r. You may also use the show-branch command for seeing the branches and their commits as follows:
$ git show-branch.
Posted by: Guest on October-05-2020

git get all branches and code

git checkout --detach
git fetch origin '+refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*'
Posted by: Guest on February-04-2021

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