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pyaudio not installing ubuntu

sudo apt-get install portaudio19-dev python-pyaudio
Posted by: Guest on June-13-2020

how to install pyaudio in python

pip install pipwin
pipwin install pyaudio
Posted by: Guest on August-04-2020

error while installing pyaudio

pip install pipwin
pipwin install pyaudio
Posted by: Guest on November-28-2020

why pyaudio is not installing

If you are having trouble installing PyAudio on your mechine, pyaudio
is a unofficial library, so you need to use pipwin to install and use
PyAudio and if you don't know anything about pipwin no problem you may 
watch this video:
Posted by: Guest on May-06-2021

pyaudio not installing

'''if you are having problems installing py audio then check your version of 
python and if it is not verson 3.6 then install verson 3.6 and then try 
installng pyaudio again
Hope this solution works'''
Posted by: Guest on October-19-2021

pyaudio not installing

pipwin install pyaudio
Posted by: Guest on May-22-2021

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