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add new cron job in linux

For editing the cron job file : 
	crontab -e
For listing all the running cron job     
	systemctl status cron  ----OR----  crontab -l
Posted by: Guest on September-22-2020

create cron job from command line

#write out current crontab
crontab -l > mycron
#echo new cron into cron file
echo "00 09 * * 1-5 echo hello" >> mycron
#install new cron file
crontab mycron
rm mycron
Posted by: Guest on January-28-2021

run cron job as specific user

# Crontab Running as a Specifi User
# Through Command Line, you use the User's Actual crontab like this:
sudo crontab -u username -e
Posted by: Guest on September-15-2020

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