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git change branch name

git branch –m old-name new-name
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how to change the name of the branch in git

# Start by switching to the local branch which you want to rename:
git checkout <old_name>

# Rename the local branch by typing:
git branch -m <new_name>

# At this point, you have renamed the local branch.

# If you’ve already pushed the <old_name> branch to the remote repository, 
# perform the next steps to rename the remote branch.

# Push the <new_name> local branch and reset the upstream branch:
git push origin -u <new_name>

# Delete the <old_name> remote branch:
git push origin --delete <old_name>

# That’s it. You have successfully renamed the local and remote Git branch.
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Change a branch name in a Git repo

If you're currently on the branch you want to rename:

git branch -m new_name 
Or else:

git branch -m old_name new_name 
You can check with:

git branch -a
As you can see, only the local name changed Now, to change the name also in the remote you must do:

git push origin :old_name
This removes the branch, then upload it with the new name:

git push origin new_name
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how to change branch name in github

$ git fetch origin
$ git branch -u origin/NEW-BRANCH-NAME NEW-BRANCH-NAME
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change default branch github

On GitHub, navigate to the main page of the repository.
Under your repository name, click Settings.
In the left menu, click Branches.
Under "Default branch", to the right of the default branch name, click .
Use the drop-down, then click a branch name.
Click Update.
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change name of branch github

git push origin :old-name-of-branch-on-github
git branch -m old-name-of-branch-on-github new-name-for-branch-you-want
git push origin new-name-for-branch-you-want
Posted by: Guest on January-05-2021

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