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install phpmyadmin mac

#open terminal and type to install php
brew install php
#after php is install and configured
brew install phpmyadmin
Posted by: Guest on September-30-2021

install phpmyadmin on mac

Step 1: To install the file on MacOS, we need to download a compressed file from the official website of phpMyAdmin
Step 2: Extract the file >>  $ tar xvfz Downloads/phpMyAdmin-4.7.6-all-languages.tar.gz  
Step 3: Start the development server >>> To access phpMyAdmin from localhost, we need to start the development server. First, we need to change our working directory by typing the following command: $ cd Downloads/phpMyAdmin-4.7.6-all-languages  
Step 4: Development server will be started having the root server in the phpmyadmin directory. Now, type localhost:8080 to access phpmyadmin on localhost at your Browser.
  You can also watch referance video >>>
Posted by: Guest on September-10-2021

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