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npm install mysql2

npm install --save mysql2
Posted by: Guest on March-22-2021

npm mysql

$ npm install mysql
Posted by: Guest on November-01-2020

npm mysql

npm i mysql2
Posted by: Guest on August-23-2021

js read mysql database

// Use

// Then once it's setup you can just do this:

// Config that will be sent to server
const config = {
  "table" : "customers",
  "limit" : "50",
  "offset" : "0"

// Use the _POST_REQUEST function to send data to the server and get a response
_POST_REQUEST("link-to-server/database.php", 'config=' + JSON.stringify(config), (response) => {
  // Convert the response into an array of rows:
  var data = JSON.parse(response);
  // Now do what you want with data
  // data[row index][column name]
Posted by: Guest on October-19-2020

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