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how to install a library in anaconda

python -m pip install libraryname
Posted by: Guest on September-08-2020

conda import specific version

conda install <pkg>=<version>

#for example

conda install matplotlib=1.4.3
Posted by: Guest on May-17-2020

conda install package

#To install a package in currently active enviroment
conda install package-name
Posted by: Guest on November-07-2020

conda install package

#To install specific package version into a specific named environment
conda install package-name=2.3.4 -n some-environment
Posted by: Guest on November-07-2020

conda install version

Format         Sample Specification     Results
Exact          qtconsole==4.5.1         4.5.1
Fuzzy          qtconsole=4.5            4.5.0, 4.5.1, ..., etc.
>=, >, <, <=  "qtconsole>=4.5"          4.5.0 or higher
               qtconsole"<4.6"          less than 4.6.0

OR            "qtconsole=4.5.1|4.5.2"   4.5.1, 4.5.2
AND           "qtconsole>=4.3.1,<4.6"   4.3.1 or higher but less than 4.6.0
Posted by: Guest on August-22-2021

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