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excel vba ceiling function

'VBA does NOT have a native Ceil() function which is found in many
'programming languages. Ceil() should round up to the next whole
'number unless the value is already EXACTLY a whole number. The most 
'performant way to accomplish this in VBA is with this custom

Function Ceil&(n#)
    Ceil = -Int(-n)
    If n < 0 Then Ceil = Fix(n)
End Function

MsgBox Ceil(5.000000000000001)     '<--displays: 6
MsgBox Ceil(5.999999999999999)     '<--displays: 6
MsgBox Ceil(5.000000000000000)     '<--displays: 5
'Note: This method is much faster than using the RoundUp() function.
Posted by: Guest on May-13-2020

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