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1. No Belt - No worries. You are pry just pretty new to Grepper, 
or not in the flow of saving code snippets when you run into and 
solve a problem yet.

2. White Belt - You have stuck with it, you are putting in Grepper 
answers on the regular, your answers have helped over 20 other 
developers solve a problem. Pry takes about a 1-2 months for active 
devs on grepper to get a white belt.

3. Yellow Belt - Yellow is about 3 times as hard to get as white belt. 
You are getting in the rhythm of saving code snippets when you run into 
a problem. Will take about 2-4 months of full time development /problem 
solving to reach this point.

4. Orange Belt - Over twice as hard to get as yellow, you won’t reach 
orange belt unless you are programming full time for 4-8 months and 
solving problems the whole time.

5. Green Belt - A company should look at a green belt and want to hire you. 
This is twice as hard to reach as an orange belt, and means you have been 
at it for some time. It will pry take over a year for most devs 
programming full time to reach a green belt. If your Grepper answers 
are really good and helping lots of devs, you may be able to reach 
green in under a year, but that would be rare.

6. Blue Belt - Your officially a Boss Developer. Hire this person.

7. Purple Belt - You have to be a Senior developer to get to this point. 
Will take the best developers 4+ years, programming almost every 
day to reach this point.

8. Brown Belt - Only the most senior developers will reach brown belt. 
If you are a full time developer running into and solving problems for 
8+ years you might be able to reach a brown belt.

9. Black Belt - You are programming too much and need to take a break… 
seriously this is unhealthy.

Courtesy of Grepper website.
Posted by: Guest on November-13-2020

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