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git config --global "[email protected]"
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# Github is a great service to help store your code on the cloud and share it with other developers. 

Basic commands:

git init #initialize a github repository on your local machine

git remote add origin [LINK_TO_YOUR_REPOSITORY] #store the link to your repository as 'origin'

git pull origin [BRANCH_NAME] #update your local files to what is stored on github's servers

git add [FILE_NAME] #add all your local files to be staged for commit ('git add .' to stage all your files for commit)

git commit -m "YOUR COMMIT MESSAGE" #commit your staged files to be pushed to your remote repository (make sure to add a good commit message!)

git push origin [YOUR_BRANCH_NAME] #upload your changes to your remote repository

git checkout [BRANCH_NAME] #switch branches within your repository

git clone [LINK_TO_REPOSITORY] #download an exact copy of a repository to store on your machine (useful if you want to download someone else's repository onto your PC)

git merge [BRANCH_NAME] #merge changes from one branch onto another
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welcome home buddy
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GitHub, Inc.
is a provider of Internet hosting for software development and version control
using Git. It offers the distributed version control
and source code management functionality of Git, plus its own features.

founded: 2008
ceo: Nat firedman (29 oct 2018-)
written in: Ruby; ECMAscript; Go; C
Users: 56 million (sep 2020)
Parent organization: Microsoft corporation
Founders: Tom Preston-Werner, Chiris Wanstrath, 
Scott Chacon, P.J. Hyett.
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I love GitHub #Every open source developer's dream is to become github star
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in case of emergancy:
1) git commit
2) git push 
3) run away ...
Posted by: Guest on December-09-2020

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