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c sharp split string

// To split a string use 'Split()', you can choose where to split
string text = "Hello World!"
string[] textSplit = text.Split(" ");
// Output:
// ["Hello", "World!"]
Posted by: Guest on February-22-2020

c# split a string and return list

listStrLineElements = line.Split(',').ToList();
Posted by: Guest on February-25-2020

string.split c#

//splitting a string to a string[] (array)
string toSplit = "I Hope this will help YOU!";
string[] Splitted = toSplit.Split(' '); // ' ' NOT " "
  //this is beacuse "" indicates a string but not a character literal(its '')
//OUTPUTS: [I, Hope, this, will, help, YOU!]
Posted by: Guest on April-12-2021

how to split a string with strings in c#

string[] separatingStrings = { "<<", "..." };

string text = "one<<two......three<four";
System.Console.WriteLine($"Original text: '{text}'");

string[] words = text.Split(separatingStrings, System.StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);
System.Console.WriteLine($"{words.Length} substrings in text:");

foreach (var word in words)
Posted by: Guest on April-13-2020

how to split a string by in c#

char[] separator = new[] { ',' };
var result = aiTranslatedString.Split(separator, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries).ToList();
Posted by: Guest on October-08-2020

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