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ElevatedButton change color

      child: Text('Button'),
      onPressed: () {},
      style: ElevatedButton.styleFrom({
           Color primary, // set the background color 
           Color onPrimary, 
           Color onSurface, 
           Color shadowColor, 
           double elevation, 
           TextStyle textStyle, 
           EdgeInsetsGeometry padding, 
           Size minimumSize, 
           BorderSide side, 
           OutlinedBorder shape, 
           MouseCursor enabledMouseCursor, 
           MouseCursor disabledMouseCursor, 
           VisualDensity visualDensity, 
           MaterialTapTargetSize tapTargetSize, 
           Duration animationDuration, 
           bool enableFeedback
Posted by: Guest on May-12-2021

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