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seo friendly url core

[HttpGet("product/{id}/{title}", Name = "GetProduct")]
public IActionResult GetProduct(int id, string title)
    // Get the product as indicated by the ID from a database or some repository.
    var product = this.productRepository.Find(id);

    // If a product with the specified ID was not found, return a 404 Not Found response.
    if (product == null)
        return this.NotFound();

    // Get the actual friendly version of the title.
    string friendlyTitle = FriendlyUrlHelper.GetFriendlyTitle(product.Title);

    // Compare the title with the friendly title.
    if (!string.Equals(friendlyTitle, title, StringComparison.Ordinal))
        // If the title is null, empty or does not match the friendly title, return a 301 Permanent
        // Redirect to the correct friendly URL.
        return this.RedirectToRoutePermanent("GetProduct", new { id = id, title = friendlyTitle });

    // The URL the client has browsed to is correct, show them the view containing the product.
    return this.View(product);
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