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.net core upgrade assistant

upgrade-assistant upgrade <Path to csproj or sln to upgrade>
  upgrade-assistant upgrade [options] <project>


  --skip-backup                                  Disables backing up the project. This is not recommended unless the
                                                 project is in source control since this tool will make large changes
                                                 to both the project and source files.
  --extension <extension>                        Specifies a .NET Upgrade Assistant extension package to include. This
                                                 could be an ExtensionManifest.json file, a directory containing an
                                                 ExtensionManifest.json file, or a zip archive containing an extension.
                                                 This option can be specified multiple times.
  -e, --entry-point <entry-point>                Provides the entry-point project to start the upgrade process. This
                                                 may include globbing patterns such as '*' for match.
  -v, --verbose                                  Enable verbose diagnostics
  --non-interactive                              Automatically select each first option in non-interactive mode.
  --non-interactive-wait <non-interactive-wait>  Wait the supplied seconds before moving on to the next option in
                                                 non-interactive mode.
  --target-tfm-support <Current|LTS|Preview>     Select if you would like the Long Term Support (LTS), Current, or
                                                 Preview TFM. See
                                                 details for what these mean.
  --version                                      Show version information
  -?, -h, --help                                 Show help and usage information
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