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html button disabled

<button type="button" disabled>This button is disabled</button>
Posted by: Guest on February-21-2020

use disabled= in button

<button type="button" disabled={condition? condition_true : condition_false}>Disabled with ternary</button>

ex: disabled={coin > 0 ? buy_a_car() : "No money"}
Posted by: Guest on August-02-2021

disable disabled html element button input div

disabled will disable an element whether it is true or false, it's presence means that the element will be disabled

<button disabled></button>
<button disabled="true"></button>
<button disabled="false"></button>
<button [attr.disabled]="true"></button>
<button [attr.disabled]="false"></button>
<button [disabled]="true"></button>

----- OR FOR DIV

.disabled-contenct {
  pointer-events: none;
  opacity: 0.4;

<div [class.disabled-contenct]="!isDisabledContent"></div>
--- primer uporabe v Angular Template
   [attr.disabled]="(areDocumentsConfirmed() | async) ? null : true"
Posted by: Guest on September-14-2021

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