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get current cpu utilization in percentage linux

top -bn1 | grep "Cpu(s)" | \
           sed "s/.*, *\([0-9.]*\)%* id.*/\1/" | \
           awk '{print 100 - $1"%"}'
Posted by: Guest on January-14-2021

Linux get cpu usage per core

You can still do this in top.

Run the `top` command, and then press '1' on your keyboard. This will show CPU usage per core.

Limit the processes shown by having that specific process run under a specific user account and use Type 'u' to limit to that user
Posted by: Guest on July-19-2021

how to set cpu usage to 100% linux

$ sudo cpulimit --pid 17918 --limit 50  

Process 17918 detected
Posted by: Guest on April-11-2021

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