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repeat string n times javascript

Posted by: Guest on March-28-2021

js string times

let string = 'Plumbus'
let count = 3

string.repeat(count); // -> 'PlumbusPlumbusPlumbus'
Posted by: Guest on May-17-2020

JavaScript repeat character

var a="a";
var aaa=a.repeat(3); // "aaa"
Posted by: Guest on July-31-2019

how to return a string x amount in javascript without using . repeat

function repeatStringNumTimes(string, times) {
  var repeatedString = "";
  while (times > 0) {
    repeatedString += string;
  return repeatedString;
repeatStringNumTimes("abc", 3);
Posted by: Guest on June-10-2020

repeat x times js

The code below is written using ES6 syntaxes but could just as easily be written in ES5 or even less. ES6 is not a requirement to create a "mechanism to loop x times"

If you don't need the iterator in the callback, this is the most simple implementation

const times = x => f => {
  if (x > 0) {
    times (x - 1) (f)

// use it
times (3) (() => console.log('hi'))

// or define intermediate functions for reuse
let twice = times (2)

// twice the power !
twice (() => console.log('double vision'))
Posted by: Guest on March-18-2021

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