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var vs let vs const

	- hoisted (always declared at top of scope, global if none)
    - function scope
    - block scope
    - not redeclarable
    - block scope
    - not reassignable
    - not redeclarable
Note: Although it may seem like these hold only semantic meaning, using the
appropriate keywords helps the JS engines' compiler to decide on what to optimize.
Posted by: Guest on May-11-2021

difference between let, var and const in java script

//let is used to declare the variable or initialize a variable..
//let variable can be updated in future.
//Its block scope and we cannot redeclare it.

let a; // Initializing the variable.
let b = 4; // Initializing and declaring variable.
let b = 5; //Error:- cannot redeclare a value but we can update the value.

//var is just like let but var is used to declare a variable value at top of
//the program, its hoisted.

var a; // Initializing the variable.
var b = 4; // Initializing and declaring variable.
var b = 5; //b will be redeclared and we can update its value.

//const variable should be declared and intialized at same time.
//const variable cannot be updated in future.
//we cannot even redeclare the variable in future.

const a = 10; //Initilizing and declaring a variable at a time.
const b; //Error:- const should be declared and intialized.
const a = 11 // Error:- cannot redeclare the variable again.
Posted by: Guest on September-15-2021

what is the difference between let and const in javascript

The difference is that with const you can only only assign a value to a variable
once, but with let it allows you to reassign after it has been assigned.
Posted by: Guest on June-29-2020

let vs const

`const` is a signal that the identifier won't be reassigned.

`let` is a signal that the variable may be reassigned, such as a counter in a
loop, or a value swap in an algorithm.

It also signals that the variable will be used only in the block it's defined
in, which is not always the entire containing function.
Posted by: Guest on August-17-2020

difference in var let and const

	* hoisted(global scope)
    * function scope
    * block scope
    * reassignable
    * not redeclarable
    * block scope
    * not reassignable
    * not redeclarable
Posted by: Guest on August-10-2021

difference between var, let, const

// var is a function scope ***
    var varVariable = 'This is var';
    var varVariable = 'This is var again';

console.log(varVariable); // This is var again

// let is a block scope ***
    let letVariable = 'This is let';
    let letVariable = 'This is let again';

    // let variable can't re-define but we can re-assign value

    console.log(letVariable); // let letVariable = 'This is let again';^SyntaxError: Identifier 'letVariable' has already been declared

console.log(letVariable); //ReferenceError: letVariable is not defined

// const variable can't re-define and re-assign value
// const is a block scope ***
    const constVarible = {
        name: 'JavaScript',
        age: '25 years',
    }; = 'JS';

    console.log(constVarible) // {name: 'JS',age: '25 years'} <= we can update const variable declared object 
Posted by: Guest on September-13-2021

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