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how to check in which brach we are in git

git branch -a # it will show an astrick * like *master
git branch --show-current # source == git remote --help
Posted by: Guest on March-24-2020

how to swap branch git

[git checkout "branch_name"]

is another way to say:

[git checkout -b branch_name origin/branch_name]

in case "branch_name" exists only remotely.

[git checkout -b branch_name origin/branch_name] is useful in case you have multiple remotes.

Regarding [git checkout origin 'another_branch'] I'm not sure this is possible, AFAK you can do this using "fetch" command -- [git fetch origin 'another_branch']
Posted by: Guest on February-17-2020

git change branch

git checkout <<branchName>>
Posted by: Guest on October-02-2020

git change branch

git switch <branch_name>
#Ex: git switch main
git checkout <branch_name> 
#Ex: git switch dev
Posted by: Guest on July-23-2021

git change branch

$ git branch iss53
$ git checkout iss53
Posted by: Guest on June-18-2020

git change branch

git switch <branch_name>	 // switches to branch

git checkout <branch_name> 	// deletes file that were not pushed and just copies the branch to local repo
Posted by: Guest on July-12-2021

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