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git branch and checkout at the same time

$ git checkout -b <branch_name>
Posted by: Guest on June-25-2020

git command to create a branch from another branch

$ git checkout -b myfeature dev
Posted by: Guest on April-30-2020

how to create new branch

How to create a new branch in git 

$ git checkout -b good

here good is new branch name
the line 3 after executing we will go to that branch
Posted by: Guest on October-05-2020

git new branch create

git checkout -b <new-branch>
Posted by: Guest on August-02-2020

github checkout branch

$ git fetch
$ git checkout <branch>
Posted by: Guest on September-24-2021

"git checkout -b" example

$ git checkout -b new-branch --track origin/develop
Posted by: Guest on April-14-2020

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