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git checkout to remote branch

$ git checkout --track origin/newsletter
Branch newsletter set up to track remote branch newsletter from origin.
Switched to a new branch 'newsletter'
Posted by: Guest on March-13-2020

git checkout remote branch

git checkout --track origin/<branchname>
Posted by: Guest on June-17-2020

checkout remote branch

git fetch origin 

git checkout –track origin/xyz
Posted by: Guest on April-23-2020

git checkout remote branch

# In order to checkout a remote branch,
# you have to first fetch the contents of the branch
git fetch --all

# In mordern version of Git, cehckout the remote branch like a local branch
git checkout <remotebranch>

# Older versions of Git requiers the creation of a new branch based on the remote
git checkout -b <remotebranch> origin/<remotebranch>
Posted by: Guest on October-03-2021

create new remote branch

git checkout -b <new-branch-name>	#Create new branch locally
git push <remote-name> <new-branch-name> #Create new branch remotely
Posted by: Guest on November-26-2020

git get remote branch

git fetch
git checkout test
Posted by: Guest on November-07-2020

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