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git checkout previous commit

git reset --hard HEAD~10
To rollback 10 commits back:
Posted by: Guest on October-30-2020

checkout master with previous commit

git checkout 307a5cd        # check out the commit that you want to reset to 
git checkout -b fixy        # create a branch named fixy to do the work
git merge -s ours master    # merge master's history without changing any files
git checkout master         # switch back to master
git merge fixy              # and merge in the fixed branch
git push                    # done, no need to force push!
Posted by: Guest on July-16-2020

git checkout previous commit HEAD

git checkout <commit_id>
git checkout -b <new branch> <commit_id>
git checkout HEAD~X // x is the number of commits to go back
Posted by: Guest on March-08-2021

git checkout previous commit HEAD

# Checkout a given commit.
# Doing so will result in a `detached HEAD` which mean that the `HEAD`
# is not pointing to the latest so you will need to checkout branch
# in order to be able to update the code.
git checkout <commit-id>

# Create a new branch forked to the given commit
git checkout -b <branch name>
Posted by: Guest on December-08-2020

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