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kill all processes by name linux

ps -ef | grep 'myProcessName' | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}' | xargs -r kill -9
Posted by: Guest on May-13-2021

bash kill all terminal

kill $(pgrep bash)
Posted by: Guest on September-20-2020

kill process unix

Find PID of process to kill with:
ps ax
Then just specify "kill PID" command as for example:
kill 16320
kill -9 16320 	#Force kill in case process is not answering.
Posted by: Guest on October-25-2020

kill all process linux

killall -u username
pkill -u username
Posted by: Guest on June-03-2021

kill process linux

#terminate process with SIGKILL signal by process id
kill -9 pid
Posted by: Guest on July-30-2020

kill all process

killall node -9
Posted by: Guest on May-04-2020

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