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fork and branch workflow

Step 1) Checkout new branch `git checkout -b new-branch`
Step 2) Make changes
Step 3) Add to git `git add .`
Step 4) Commit `git commit -m "Made changes!"` or `git commit -a`
Step 5) Push to your repo `git push origin new-branch`
Step 6) Make PR from pushed branch
Step 7) Merge into dev after it passes tests
* http://jenkins.corp-domain.local/job/AwesomeProject0/
* Click "Scan Repository Now"
Step 8) Make PR from dev into master
Step 9) Merge dev into master once tests pass
Step 10) Update local copy and remote fork
* git checkout master -> git pull upstream master -> git push origin master
* git checkout dev -> git pull upstream dev -> git push origin dev


1. `git remote add upstream`
2. `git remote -v`
3. `git fetch upstream`
4. Check out your fork’s local master branch by issuing `git checkout master`
5. Merge the changes from upstream/master into your local master branch by issuing `git merge upstream/master`
6. `git push`  


`git fetch upstream`
`git checkout master`
`git merge upstream/master`
`git push`
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