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vba subfolders

' List of subfolders
' Needs to add "Microsoft Scripting Runtime" reference to your file
Sub SubFoldersInfo(ByVal pFolder As String, ByRef pColFolders As Collection, _
    Optional ByVal pMe As Boolean)
    Dim sFolder As String
    Dim oFSO As New FileSystemObject
    Dim oFolder, oSubFolder As Folder
    sFolder = IIf(Right(pFolder, 1) <> "\", pFolder & "\", pFolder)
    Set oFolder = oFSO.GetFolder(sFolder)
    If pMe Then
        pColFolders.Add oFolder
    End If
    For Each oSubFolder In oFolder.SubFolders
        pColFolders.Add oSubFolder
        SubFoldersInfo oSubFolder.Path, pColFolders, False
End Sub
Sub TestMe()
    Dim colFolders As New Collection, sFolderPath As Variant
    SubFoldersInfo ThisWorkbook.Path, colFolders, True
    For Each sFolderPath In colFolders
        Debug.Print sFolderPath.ShortName & " : "; sFolderPath.Path
    Next sFolderPath
End Sub
Posted by: Guest on January-26-2021

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