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where is global config file for git

git config --global --edit 
# It will open git config file and you can make necessary changes
Posted by: Guest on May-28-2021

git global config location

To track down the file holding each config option set on your own system:
  git config --list --show-origin

Generally, there are three configs:
  * git config puts stuff in <repo root>/.git/config by default
  * git config --global puts stuff in <user home>/.gitconfig
    * On Linux/macOS, this means ~/.gitconfig
    * On Windows, this means %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\.gitconfig
      (not %USERPROFILE%\.gitconfig; these are not always the same)
  * git config --system puts stuff in a global config file shared by all users
    * On Linux, it's /etc/gitconfig
    * On macOS, it's /Applications/
    * On Windows, it's <wherever you installed Git>/etc/gitconfig
Posted by: Guest on May-03-2021

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