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cmd for loop

REM # | EXAMPLE: For loop to copy all the files in the current directory to the C:\User\ folder
For %F in (*) do copy %F C:\User\

REM # | For %F in (<Files to loop through with space delimiters>) do <Command to do with %F>

REM # | NOTE: you can use the following to extract specific parts of a filepath
REM # | take note that this syntax only works when run from a batch file
@echo off
set file=C:\Users\l72rugschiri\Desktop\fs.cfg
for %%N IN ("%file%") do (
   	echo filedrive=%%~dN
	echo filepath=%%~pN
	echo filename=%%~nN
	echo fileextension=%%~xN
    echo default=%%N
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batch windows for

syntax-FOR-List of numbers   
       FOR /L %%parameter IN (start,step,end) DO command 
syntax-FOR-Command Results 
       FOR /F ["options"] %%parameter IN ('command to process') DO command
Posted by: Guest on October-11-2020

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