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jenkins maven commands

mvn clean ==> delete target folder
- mvn clean test ==> delete target folder
                     and run cucumber tests

- mvn clean verify ==> delete target folder, run cucumber test,
                       generate cucumber HTML report

- mvn clean verify -P Regression ==> delete target folder,
                                 run Regression profile in pom.xml.

- mvn verify -Dfile = ==>
                     runs this specific runner class

- mvn install -DskipTests ==> It will skip all tests

- mvn -Dtest=login test ==> Running a Single Test Class:
                            It will run only login test class

- mvn verify -Dbrowser=firefox --> to run with firefox

- mvn verify -Dbrowser=chrome --> to run with chrome

- mvn verify -Dcucumber.options="--tags @smoke" 

-Denv="QA2" --> provide scenarios that you want to run.
No need to change CucumberRunner class. 
It overrides runner class configuration.
Posted by: Guest on January-15-2021

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