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adding a preview image in

// method 1
alt=“Subject Pronouns”
style=“margin-right: 10px;”

// method 2
![Test Image 3](/3DTest.png)
![Test Image 4]( 112)

// last method
<img width=“964” alt=“java 8 and prio java 8  array review example” src=“ 23”>
Posted by: Guest on June-26-2020

how to add image in github readme

![alt text](http://url/to/img.png)
Posted by: Guest on May-11-2020

how to add image in

![alt text]([username]/[reponame]/blob/[branch]/image.jpg?raw=true)
Posted by: Guest on October-02-2020

add an image to

If you want to embed images, this is how you do it:
![Image on yaktocat](https://oct
Posted by: Guest on April-15-2021

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