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l'manburg song lyrics

Doomsday Version: Post-Destruction
[Verse 1]
I heard there was a special place,
where men could go emancipate,
the brutality, and tyranny of their rulers.
Well, this place is real, you needn't fret,
with Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, fuck Eret
A very big and, a little bit blown up, L'Manburg

My L'Manberg
My L'Manberg
My L'Manberg
My L'Manberg
My L'Manberg

[Verse 2]
For freedom and for liberty.
Our nation sought to build on these,
and victory for all under freedom.
Trouble came and then it went,
we built our walls and watched them break,
And from everywhere from here up to forever.

Sing/say L'Manberg
Sing/say L'Manberg
Sing/say L'Manberg
Sing/say L'Manberg

After the events of the Doomsday War, the line 
"It's a very big and not blown up L'Manberg" was rewritten to say "
a little bit blown up L'Manberg", 
to reflect the devastating explosions the nation suffered. 
The second half of the song was imprompt by Ghostbur and Quackity, 
as they both had forgotten the second verse, 
and the last written version had been destroyed by the explosions.
Posted by: Guest on March-05-2021

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