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what are your strengths

I always create checklist for almost everything.
How to create my test cases, how to integrate
selenium grid, how to configure jenkins.
Because we don't implement everything everyday 
and we may forget some points which can have
a side effects on something else. By using
those small checklists I can make sure that
I go over each and every single step without
missing anything.
As you know, many people hesitate to ask question
however I like asking questions to understand
everything well. Because there migth be a lot
of misunderstanding in agile environment.
All process goes very fast. Of course we can
go back and fill some gaps during the sprint
however fixing any deficiency in advance is
much more efficient. 
I like taking notes on to my notebook especially
for unofficial items. Of course we have Jira board, 
Common Outlook Calendar however in some cases which
is not official, we can skip over some minor issues.
It helps me a lot for being everytime on track.
Posted by: Guest on January-14-2021

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