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how to update mac to current ruby version

1. Check the version of Ruby installed on your Mac

Open terminal and type:

ruby -v

2. Install the Ruby Version Manager rvm

In terminal, curl -L | bash -s stable

Once this command has finished running you may need to restart your terminal for rvm to be recognised.

3. Install the latest version of Ruby

rvm install ruby-[version]

In my case this was

rvm install ruby-2.4.1

This took a while to run as it had to install a lot of dependencies and asked for my permission a couple of times.

4. Set the latest version of Ruby as the one you want to use

You should now be running the latest version of Ruby.  You can check as before with the ruby -v command as in step 1. If you’re find that you’re not, you can set this manually.  In terminal type:

rvm use ruby-2.4.1

If you want to set this latest version of Ruby as the default version, in terminal type:

rvm --default use 2.4.1
Posted by: Guest on April-21-2021

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