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kali linux virtualbox connect to wifi

VirtualBox allows you to bridge your network connection from the Host OS
to the Guest OS. This can be done as follows:

1. In the Home Menu, Right click on the Kali Linux image.
2. Click on Settings→Network.
3. In Adapter1, change the attribute “Attached to”. Select Bridged 
	Adapter from the drop down menu. (Also, make sure that the adapter 
	is enabled )
4. Select name as “wlp3so” (it May be wlpxyz anything) if your connection
	is wireless. Select “enp2s0” if you are using Ethernet cable.
5. Click ok tab and restart the virtual machine.
6. In the bottom-right part of the VM Screen, there will be a computer 
	icon. Check if the icon is blinking with colour green; which 
    denotes that the bridged connection is successful.
Posted by: Guest on September-14-2021

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