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set default shell to bash

#to change your default shell on any GNU/Linux distro 
#you need to use chsh

#For example if you want to change your default shell to bash
#you need to do this:
#first you need the full path to the bash executable
chsh -l

#then using the path for bash you need to write:
chsh -s /your/path/to/bash
#chsh -s /bin/bash for example
Posted by: Guest on February-28-2021

set zsh as default shell

# Open vim or your favorite code editor
sudo vim ~/.bashrc

# Now we need to edit the file and add the following line to the end of the file remember to add a comment just to remember, what is that line of code task.
exec zsh

# It will execute the command every time you load the terminal and run your zsh shell.
Posted by: Guest on February-19-2021

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