Answers for "git hard reset"


reset branch on local git

git fetch origin
git reset --hard origin/master
Posted by: Guest on April-14-2020

git reset hard

$ git reset --hard HEAD       (going back to HEAD)

$ git reset --hard HEAD^      (going back to the commit before HEAD)
$ git reset --hard HEAD~1     (equivalent to "^")

$ git reset --hard HEAD~2     (going back two commits before HEAD)
Posted by: Guest on June-16-2021

git soft reset head

git reset --soft HEAD^
//resets head by 1
Posted by: Guest on August-13-2020

git reset head

sudo git reset --hard Head
Posted by: Guest on December-09-2020

git reset

git reset --soft HEAD~3
git commit
git push —force-with-lease origin
Posted by: Guest on June-23-2020

git reset hard

git reset --hard f414f31
git reset --soft [email protected]{1}
git commit -m "Reverting to the state of the project at f414f31"
Posted by: Guest on April-28-2020

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